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The Art of Awareness: Day Ten

Guest: Rudy Pila

🌱 Community Builder

🌱 Cacao Enthusiast

🌱 Energy Worker

Born in the Philippines, Rudy Pila moved to the Rhode Island when she was 6 years old and grew up on a 7 by 3 mile island off the coast; Block Island. Her family were the only Filipinos.

Rudy spent most of her adolescence trying to fit into a world where she didn’t know who she should be and in a world that taught her to focus on always being on top of things and working very hard to get as much money as possible. This lead to incredible work management opportunities for Rudy, but the sense of fulfillment was fleeting.

It wasn’t until Rudy got to know the original form of chocolate (cacao) that things became lighter, clearer and more fulfilling in her life for the first time.

Rudy worked up the courage to quit her management position, break up with her partner, and put her stuff in storage to travel the world. This all took place in a couple of months.

She drank cacao every day while learning more about it through various eyes in rural places all over the world. Returning for more wisdom to many places like San Marcos La Laguna, Costa Rica, and her village in the Philippines.

Wherever Rudy went in the world, she loved sharing a cup of cacao and all that she had learned about this gentle guide that helped her gain courage to follow her joy.

She sat with many teachers from children to elders, surrounded herself in Mother Natures arms, self-love retreats, and drew wisdom from various powerful plantcestors. She called herself a witch-in-training and described it as a student of Mother Earth.

Years of education and travel passed before she settled in Newport, Rhode Island where she currently resides.

Rudy continues to share Cacao and educate. She also creates unique group experiences for people to learn more about cacao and how to work with it in an energetic level.

Whether it’s 1:1 healing or group energy education, she loves to gather with likeminded humans in the name of self-love, presence, deep understanding


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Guest: Amy Anthony

Reiki Master, Sekhem Master, Adamantine Energy Healer, Sound & Light Therapist, Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Sacred Dancer

Amy Anthony has been practicing and guiding others through various forms of energy healing for 25 years. A passionate spiritualist Amy has deep respect for all sacred traditions aligned in both love and light. She has spent her life studying and applying the sacred healing arts and practices of numerous cultures.

  • Energy Healing modalities (Reiki (Japanese), Sekhem (Egyptian), Adamantine, Bioenergetics, etc)

  • Yoga (Kriya, Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga, Tantra)

  • Sacred Sound (such as Gemstone crystalline sound, tuning forks)

  • Sacred Mantras (Hebrew, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Chinese, etc)

  • Healing plants & Sacred songs (Amazonian Indigenous cultures)

  • Dance (Egyptian, Universal)


No matter what your beliefs - in the world of energy - there is always a path in which to shift your patterns, transform your energy and create true and lasting impactful personal change.

Whether you are in need of a simple energetic tune up, are interested in learning how to meditate or are ready to embark on a comprehensive path of transformation Amy is here to support and guide as you set and achieve your highest intention. 


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