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The Art of Awareness: Day Seven

Guest: Stephanie Toler

Stephanie’s passion for food began at an early age as she watched her Sicilian mother bless up their home with delicious homemade meals. Throughout the years, she’s refined her skills through mom & pop cooking classes all over the world in places like Thailand, India, Greece, Mexico and many more.

In 2015 she left a corporate career to pursue her passions, leading her to various yoga and meditation teacher trainings, a health-coaching certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and eventually to Marshall, NC where she teaches yoga retreats, healthy cooking classes, and wellness workshops from her home at Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary.




Guest: Susan Lopez

Susan Lopez is a psychotherapist, intuitive coach, mindfulness teacher, and energy worker who works at the intersections of healing, spirituality, and social change. Her work focuses on helping people access their resilience and address personal and systemic trauma to reconnect to their authentic selves for deep, transformative healing. Prior to this, she worked as an immigration attorney and policy advocate for refugees, asylum seekers, and detained immigrant children separated from their families at the border. She believes that our liberation is bound up in each other and our recognition of our shared dignity, wisdom, and interconnectedness.

Susan has her masters in psychology and is a practicing associate marriage and family therapist. Her training includes psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness based contemplative approaches, cognitive behavioral therapy, neuroscience-based work, sensorimotor therapy, trauma work, and EMDR. She has worked in community mental health, addiction counseling, and with individuals who have experienced domestic violence and sex trafficking. She is certified as a mindfulness teacher through the UCLA Semel Neuroscience Institute's Mindfulness Awareness Research Center. She has extensive vipassana meditation retreat practice and has a deep love for Buddhist psychology.

Susan is also trained in Usui Reiki and various shamanic energy healing modalities connected to her African and Indigenous roots and ancestors. She comes from a long line of medicine women, santeros, curanderos, and seers and is a carrier of sacred medicine songs and plant-based medicine tools passed down by them. Susan believes that our healing needs to be multidimensional. Her offerings include psychotherapy, intuitive coaching, and energy work, including shamanic and past-life healing. Please see services for current information on individual sessions and group classes.

Susan has provided workshops, healing circles, and group classes to various nonprofits, businesses, and institutions including UCLA, the UCLA Labor Center, CARECEN Immigration Services, Mujeres de Maiz, Self Help Graphics, the University of California Riverside, and various labor unions. It would be her pleasure to collaborate with you on your journey.



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