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The Art of Awareness: Day Nine

Guest: Chandra Cortez​

Chandra Cortez is a Self-Love Coach and motivational speaker. Chandra believes self-love is always an option, even when it feels like it isn't. Her mission in life is to hold space for others as they learn to own their worth, reclaim their power, and embrace that they are 100% loveable. 



Guest: ​Nischala Rose Lindsay

Nischalã Rose Lindsay is a Creative Healing Artist whose foundation is Yoga & DEEP Love for the Arts. She Loves to Love and seeks to expand her Loving Awareness daily.

She has been writing for 28 years and went to the College of Charleston majoring in Creative Writing. She has been practicing Yoga for nearly 20 years and was certified to teach Hatha Yoga & Meditation in 2011. She continues to expand her learning & practice from expanding her learnings & certifications in the yogic arts & sciences, to getting attuned and practicing Reiki, to studying & practicing shamanic arts, to taking courses that inspire her growth both as an artist, a meditator & a healing practitioner. She is constantly learning new songs from all over the world as well as writing her own music. She has been working on a book for the past 13 years that she is patiently eager to share with the world, entitled, We Are Love: Sacred, Wild & Mindful. In the late Spring of 2022, she will be launching a 12 week program, The Grounded Ascension Mentorship Program that encompasses all that she has learned and implemented over the past 20 years in order to walk firmly on the path of Self Mastery as an Artist, Yogini & Heart Centered Human.

Her company, Ever Rising Life Arts, has served a vast array of people over the years raging from children to seniors and every thing in between. She believes in a well rounded approach to the practice of yoga which includes listening to the bodies needs day by day, balancing the Yin with the Yang, and knowing ultimately the practice of yoga is about Union with our Creator. She is a huge advocate of meditation, prayer, breathwork and sacred sound. With that said, she knows the vital importance of PLAY & relaxation as key to keeping us connected with the Love & Loving Awareness of Spirit. Living a Life of Devotion to God is of utmost importance to her & is what fuels her professional practice. She offers one on one Spiritual Counseling, Integration Coaching, Integrative Yoga classes, Voice Activations, as well as Shamanic Energy & Sound Healing. She leads regular group Yoga retreats for those who wish for a deeper immersion into their Inner Worlds. And she is SO excited to birth her program, The Grounded Ascension Mentorship Program, into our world. She will be hosting a Q&A about the program in April for those who are interested but would like to know more. 




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