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The Art of Awareness: Day Five

Guest: Jennifer Talon

Jennifer Talton is a Wellness Coach, Yoga/Fitness Instructor, Chef for private events, and Marketing guru. She utilizes movement and food to assist her clients in finding a more intuitive means of wellness for their body. When she is not working you will find her on the dance floor! She has been dancing Latin dance for over 5 years and teaches bachata classes.


Guest: Lauren Murray

Lauren Murray is the owner of Dose Of Good. She leads the intuitive guidance sessions for the company.

Since childhood, she has had an intense interest in nature, spirituality and astrology, alongside creative tools such as piano, singing and drawing. In 2010, she began to study astrology more thoroughly; by 2017, she started to take it seriously as a modality of self-discovery and evolution for herself and others.

Over time, she also became increasingly aware of her abilities as an intuitive psychic and a healer. An awakening experience helped her to realize that she was born to use her skills and gifts to guide others through their own journeys of self-discovery, spirituality and healing. In mid 2020, she picked up her first tarot deck and during 2021, she had begun to include the cards in her readings.

All of this led Lauren to start reading astrological charts, tarot, oracle, and other divinatory tools in conjunction with her clairvoyance, -audience, -sentience and -cognizance to create readings that are exceptionally personal, highly intuitive and energetically-charged. She also came to realize how the creative mediums she played with as a child are great tools for high vibrational, open-hearted expression and now assist in her healing guidance sessions tremendously.

No matter the modality, Lauren knows that she is in an incredibly special position: she gets the opportunity to let her clients in on their very own soul stories, facilitate healing, create a sacred space for heart expression, and guide who she is assisting to their own epiphanies - and that has always been so unique and special to her!

​ Today, Lauren has read hundreds of charts and done countless guidance sessions for people from all walks of life. Her services have been of help to parents, couples, teachers, tradesmen, IT specialists, entrepreneurs, nutritionists, and fellow spiritualists, tarot readers and healers, to name a few. Alleviating emotional pain, strengthening career goals, clarifying points of confusion in life, and assisting with pivotal decisions are big parts of what Lauren strives for in the sessions she facilitates.

Her sessions can be described as “a little bit fact-based, a lot of intuitive channeling, and all love.” She puts her heart into every action she takes, and leads with love, peace and balance through all of her work.

Lauren lives on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. In time spent away from her guidance sessions, she enjoys the greenery and trails that the Island offers, alongside embracing her creative side through music and painting.


Guest: Amara Joy

Hi, Amara here. I’m a badass spiritual guide in human form here to light the path of empowerment and embodiment of humanity. I live my life with intention as much as possible. For so much of my life I’ve felt different. I never fit in and thought it wasn’t ok. Today I live in deep acceptance of this truth. I am different. There is no one like me and that is how I make so much difference in the lives of my clients, friends and family. I absolutely love what I do and the impact it creates on those around me. The space I hold is like no other- nurturing and safe to be who you are and when you are ready to be guided home to yourself.


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