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Reiki I Training

Introduction: Welcome to Your Healing Journey

We all have the ability to heal ourselves. It is our birthright. However, often times through the conditioning that happens via society, we forget this. We become separate from our true nature as healers. We begin to look for healing outside of ourselves. While it is beneficial to seek outside help from time to time, it is even more beneficial to awaken the healing power within your own soul.

There are many modalities out there, but my personal favorite, and the one that has impacted my life the most is Reiki. By practicing Reiki on myself, I have come to a deeper level of understanding of the Universe, of Oneness, and of our innate healing power. It is my desire to share this with others so they no longer have to rely on outside sources for healing.

This process is not necessarily quick. It can be a long journey, but only a painful journey if you wish to make it so. We are the creators of our lives. We have more power than we even realize. In fact, most of us are not afraid of darkness or of facing our shadows. We are afraid of the light that will be in its place since most of us have not experienced unconditional love for long periods of time.

Let this course be but a guide. Allow it to speak to your soul and to initiate the truth seeking within. Remember how to listen to your intuition and trust what comes forward for you. None of what is in this manual may resonate with you or all of if it may. There is no right or wrong. There is only you.

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