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Reiki II Training

Lesson One: Reiki Symbols

Reiki Power Symbol

Sacred Name: Cho Ku Rei (cho koo ray)


Increases Reiki 100% right Now

Activates other symbols, gives them more focus

Protective emotionally, physically and mentally

Allow the symbol to guide you intuitively

Mental/Emotional Symbol

Sacred Name: Sei Hei Ke (say hay kee)

Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Amplifies ANY Mental or Emotional Healing

Heals Mind/Body Connection

Great for healing negative behaviours/bad habits/mental patterns

Can improve memory, clarity of thought, brain sharpness

Excellent tool for releasing stagnant OLD patterns and energy

Distance Symbol

Sacred Name: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (hon shah zay show nin)

Symbol immediately works across all time, dimension, and soul choice

Means “no present, no past, no future.”

Reiki can be sent anytime and anywhere: used for distance Reiki sessions

You can do an entire treatment in moments with this symbol


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