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Reiki II Training

Lesson Three: Distance Reiki

Reiki II attunement provides powerful new tools, which you may choose to use at a professional level. With this level of training, you are now able to offer treatment to all people, not just family and friends.

The distance Reiki symbol is one of the three symbols learned and received by all second degree Reiki practitioners. When invoked and used by those attuned to it, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen allows the sending of healing Reiki energy across time and space. You can send Reiki to events in the future and in the past, or to people or animals anywhere in the world. Not only people or animals can benefit from it, but also different situations across town or across the world, the Earth, sea, skies, lands, different types of natural disasters, or even those who are deceased.

This healing at distance uses energy frequencies that can’t be seen with the naked eye but still function faultlessly, much like our mobile phones or wifi signal systems. The energy isn’t tuned into a phone or laptop, but into the person who’s receiving it. Unlike distant attunements, most Reiki practitioners are comfortable with the idea of healing over a distance. As all scientists say, everything around us is energy. A Reiki practitioner is a conduit of energy, a light pillar of Reiki descending from higher frequency realms into much lower dimensions.

A distance treatment isn’t any more complicated than a normal “hands on” healing session. You’ll need the same basic information, such as the primary health concern, expectations after the session, other experiences with Reiki energy. Then you can use your exact “live” session ritual: quiet place, crystals, symbols, protection, sage, aura scanning, chakra cleansing, and so on. Depending on the symptoms and problems encountered, the session may take thirty to sixty minutes. Always remember to follow up with a phone call when the session is complete.

Tips for the distance Reiki Practitioner

• request needed information from the client

• stress that Reiki is not a substitute for proper medical treatment

• having a photo can be great but not essential

• ask for permission when you connect

• focus on your healing intent

• be very specific

• use your intuition and go with the flow

Tips for the distance Reiki client

• understand Reiki treatment guidelines

• offer needed information to Reiki Practitioner

• comfortable position in a quiet room

• set the intent on receiving healing

• take some cleansing breaths to relax and close the eyes

Any healing method can be performed via distance Reiki with a few readjustments. There are many different creative and intuitive ways to work during your healing session. For example, one way to clear the chakras of a person through distance healing would be the use of a teddy bear representing the client or the animal client, if you are healing a pet. Besides a teddy bear, one can use also a pillow or rain cloud which will pour Reiki healing energy over the person or the situation needed. In short, the surrogate method is the most common and everyone’s favorite when it comes to sending distant healing. If you want to try another way to send distant Reiki, you can choose to use pictures, crystals, a Reiki box, hands-on paper, candles, journaling past or future issues, visualization, music, healing wall, chi balls, and many others. However, you do not need to use a surrogate. Do what feels right for you!

Many people use crystal grids for distant healing and manifestation, but crystals can be programmed to send distant healing even without any grid. Simply draw HSZSN over it and connect it to the person or the situation. Of course, you will use the specific type of crystal depending on the issue that needs healing – protection, grounding, physical healing, and so on.

If the healing session requires an aura scanning, this can be done for those who are near us and also for those who are at distance. sketch of the body on a sheet of paper and the invocation of HSZSN in distance scanning case.

You can also scan using any other surrogate, such as those mentioned above. Sending Reiki through time is a helpful way to use distant Reiki, especially when it comes to healing the past trauma or allaying fear of future events like surgical appointments, weddings, or exams. We cannot control or change future events but sending Reiki will allow the event to unfold naturally, with an outcome that is for the highest good. Whether you are giving or receiving Reiki, no matter if you work at a distance or in person, it is best to allow Reiki to flow and go where it is most needed. Everything else is beyond our human limitations.

Article by Anna Marks 

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