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Dragonfly Heart Reiki Academy

Reiki I & II Intensive Training

Hello beautiful soul! Do you know how powerful and magical you are? 

Here's the truth: You have the ability to heal yourself. The awakening process allows you to remember this innate healing power within you and begin to activate, embody, and ground the energy. However, without support, you can often get lost, stuck, or completely overwhelmed.

Reiki is one modality you can add to your toolkit to help promote healing and support you on the sacred journey home to your heartLet this course be a guide to your inner knowingYou are here for a reason and it's time to tap into your personal healing power!

In this 90 day program you will:

✨Learn more about Reiki

Deepen your connection to Source

Deepen your connection to your intuition

Deepen your connection to your guides and ancestors

✨Learn to surrender and trust the process of life

✨Take 100% responsibility for your healing

✨AND be fully held, loved, and supported every step of the way!

What's included?

Reiki I 

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: What is Reiki?

Module 3: Reiki Principles

Module 4: Chakras & Energy

Module 5: Treatment Guidelines & Hand Positions

Module 6: Uses for Reiki

Module 7: Making Reiki Your Own

*Reiki I Attunement*

Reiki II 

Module 8: Reiki Symbols

Module 9: Crystals & Reiki

Module 10: Distance Reiki

Module 11: Reiki Code of Ethics

Module 12: Starting Your Reiki Business

*Reiki II Attunement*

Each module includes pre-recorded videos, meditations, and homework exercises to help you get the most out of the course.

We will also meet via Zoom weekly so you can have support as you go through the lessons.

Upon completion of the lessons, it is then your responsibility to contact me to schedule your attunement. 

Note: any certificates will NOT be provided until you have completed attunements. You must be up to date with all payments as well.

Once you complete your attunement, you will then receive your certificate and be an official Reiki practitioner!

Questions? Send me an e-mail to book a FREE 20 minute heart to heart call.

Ready to register? Pay $100 deposit to save your spot as this training.

Monthly payments are $337 OR you can pay in full $1,111.

I look forward to this journey together!


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Dragonfly Heart Reiki Academy 

Reiki I & II Intensive

Deposit due upon registration. First monthly payment due when you start the course. Launch dates (the day you get access to content) are the 1st Saturday of each month closest to your registration.

2022 Launch Dates

February 5th

March 5th

April 2nd

May 7th

June 4th

July 2nd

August 6th

September 3rd

October 1st

November 5th

December 3rd

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