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* Love Warrior Training 2020 *

(Previously Titled Slayer School)


Hello goddess! Are you feeling stuck? Do you have big dreams but aren’t sure how to bring them into reality? Do you feel like you are always seeing approval from others? Afraid to really step into the power of who you are?

Well let me tell you a secret! You arePOWERFUL! You are a GODDESS! And you have all the power you need within. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of awakening to that truth.

Join me for a seventh month journey deep within to awaken this power and reclaim it. Learn more about how to tap into your intuition, dream your dreams, and begin to create the life you deserve. It’s your birthright!

Enroll for the 2020 Love Warrior Training! Over the 7 months, we will be using wisdom from the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer combined with my own life experiences to awaken the love warrior in YOU! Wake up! The world is ready. Are you?

Each module will include the following:

  • Module Overview Video

  • Guided Meditation

  • Yoga Flow

  • Dance Flow and Playlist

  • Martial Arts Flow

  • Journal Prompts

  • Other Homework (unique to each module)

  • Group Coaching Call on Facebook Group

**The total self investment is $777. You are required to pay the first month of $111 upon registration. You can continue to pay the monthly rate of $111 for each month of the program. You get a choice of whether you want to pay on the 1st or the 15th of the month**

You can also choose to pay the full price of $777 upon registration. If you choose this option, you will get several FREE gifts including on one on coaching calls in addition to the group calls. You will also be able to choose other gifts such as distance Reiki sessions, custom meditations, and yoga videos for YOU!

So, what do you say? Are you ready to save the world by first saving yourself? The world is ready. Are you?


Enrollment open until December 31st 2019. The first module will begin January 1st 2020 and the last module will be released July 1st 2020.

Feel free to share with other women you feel may benefit from the program and receive 20% off your remaining tuition!

Questions? Contact me to set up a FREE 20 minute consultation.

I hope you will join me on this journey! Welcome home to yourself!

Program Overview

Module 1: Root Chakra --> Welcome to Your Mission

Basic training. Set the foundation for your course. Get clear on what you WANT in life. Why did you come to Earth?

Module 2: Sacral Chakra --> Letting Go

Get in touch with your creative side. Let go of control. Go with the flow.

Module 3: Solar Plexus Chakra --> The Process of Ascension

Begin reclaiming your power that was taken from you during past trauma in childhood and/or past lives. How do we ascend beyond 3D?

Module 4: Heart Chakra --> Fall in Love With Yourself

Focus on self love. Heal YOURSELF first.

Module 5: Throat Chakra --> Becoming Aware of the Ego Mind

Speak your truth in all situations! Communicate effectively with yourself and others. Learn to become aware of the different voices within. Utilize discernment.

Module 6: Third Eye Chakra --> Balancing the Darkness with the Light

Begin the process of integrating all ideas from the modules to form your own beliefs about the world. Use this to further create your dream reality!

Module 7: Crown Chakra --> Standing Strong in Your OWN Power

Awaken your FULL potential! BECOME the LOVE WARRIOR!

**Bonuses (ONLY if you pay in FULL)**

  • One on one coaching call for each module.

  • Distance Reiki session for each module.

  • Custom mediation and/or yoga videos.

  • One FREE item from the Dragonfly Heart Medicine store.

Register Today

Upon payment you will receive an e-mail with directions for how to join the Facebook group. Welcome to Love Warrior Training!

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