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Reiki II Training

Introduction & Review

Congratulations on taking the next step in deepening your relationship with Reiki. Level II is focused on learning the Reiki Symbols and applying them to your practice. These symbols allow you to amplify the power of Reiki, focus on emotional healing as well as healing across all time, space and dimension. What you will learn today will take your practices to a new level. If you are here, you are ready!

In the Reiki Level II attunement each of you will receive these symbols and the ability to use them in your work. As with your Reiki I attunement, please take care of yourself after your attunement by drinking plenty of water, nurturing yourself, and doing Reiki on yourself and/or others as often as possible. The attunement catalyzes powerful transformations as you continue on your path of empowerment. Occasionally this stimulates cleansing that may create physical and emotional detox symptoms, so watch yourself and Reiki any changes into peaceful new ways of being. Be gentle with yourself and trust the process.

Finally, a note about how to handle and communicate about this information. If you choose to follow the traditional teachings of Usui Reiki as taught by Dr. Mikao Usui, then it is asked that the information that you will learn here today be kept private. When speaking of the symbols only use the english names and don’t show the symbols to those that have not yet been Reiki II Certified.

Reiki ~ RAY-kee ~ means “the movement of Universal Life Force Energy”

Reiki as a healing modality connects the practitioner directly to Source Energy and therefore has no draining effects. You are a channel and therefore not draining your own energy. Any healing you facilitate for another you too will benefit from.

Reiki Prayer :

“We call in and on all our guides, ancestors, friends, family and loved ones to join us as we deepen our relationship to the facilitation of Reiki in our own lives and in the lives of others. We invite the Reiki energy to bless us, guide us and protect us knowing that it is always going to the Highest good and can’t be misused, misunderstood, misguided or lost, ever. May we become aware of this Universal Life Force & Intelligence pulsing through all that we do in every moment, of every day, for the rest of our lives. May all beings everywhere benefit from this time that we are spending together and find peace resting within the right side of their very own hearts, and be free from suffering.”

Allow these teachings to find space in your life. Practice them daily, work with them moment to moment, day by day and so on. See, sense and feel the powerful transformation that occurs in your own experience. This will be the most powerful information that you can carry concerning these symbols. Direct revelation is KNOWN, it takes root in your Spirit and in your Soul. You communicate it even when you aren’t speaking. The healing is felt on a subconscious level and those who are meant to work with you will be drawn to this.

As always, keep your eyes on your own paper. Do your work and the work you are called to do with others will be guided by the connection you have explored with Spirit in your personal practice. Listen, be obedient, and allow everything to fall perfectly into place. We may only hold a space equal to that which we have held and experienced for ourselves. Never forget this. The real work that you are doing is the constant evolution of your own growth and evolution. People who seek you will be drawn to the work you have been doing for yourself and wish to gain the tips, tricks and permission to do the same for themselves. We learn from each other.

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