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Reiki Services

Reiki Attunements

If you feel called to practice Reiki on yourself others, you must be attuned. I offer in person as well as distance attunements. In person are done privately or in a group setting when I offer workshops. Distance are done using an online course and the attuenment is via Zoom. There are three main levels.

*Self Investment*

Reiki I & II Online Training Course: $1,110 (payment plans available)

Reiki Workshops

Do you want to bring workshops to your office, yoga studio, or massage practice? Contact me to set up a private workshop. I offer a variety from intro to Reiki workshops, group attunements, and custom workshops as well.

*Self Investment*


Reiki Sessions

I offer 30 minute as well as 60 minute sessions. We will take up to 10 minutes before each session doing a consultation so I can understand how to address your needs. There is also time after each session offered for processing anything that may come up for you. You can print and fill out the forms online and bring them with you to your first session to save time.

*Self Investment*

30min Session: $44

60min Session: $77

Note: Specials are run monthly for packages. Contact me for me for this month's!

Other Services

Card Readings

Have questions about your purpose, where your life is heading, if you should follow this path or that? Card readings can be very helpful to get Divine guidance from Source. I use Sacred Earth and Light Oracle cards as well as Animal Spirit cards. One or a combination of decks may be used in a session.

Note: Card spreads are done intuitively so there are no set spreads I follow.

*Self Investment *


Personalalized Ceremonies

I offer personal and custom tailored ceremonies to meet your needs. This could be anything from a house blessing to new moon/full moon rituals or even ceremonies to release attachments to lovers in past relationships.  If you need support in an area of your life where you feel stuck or need assistance connecting with your guides, ceremonies are a great opportunity for that! The key is to bring out your inner child. That is where most of our wounding is rooted. This can simply be a few hours or turned into a whole weekend retreat! 

*Optional personalized yoga and meditation sessions as well as various plant medicines are available to enhance ceremonies. Contact me for a ceremony information packet*

Note:  You MUST contact me via phone or the contact form on this site to book a ceremony. DO NOT go through the regular booking service! We will need to schedule a session to speak about your intentions and design your custom ceremony!

*Self Investment*

(Depends on duration, services and/or plants used) 

Integration Coaching

I offer integration coaching for working with plant medicine. Contact me today for a FREE 20-30 min consultation to see if we are a good match and if you would like support in your healing in this way. FREE consultations may be set up by calling or filling out the contact form on this website. 

Areas of Focus:  Cancer, Divorce, Depression, Anxiety, Self Harm, Eating Disorders, Inner Child Work, Sexual Trauma, Shadow Work

Note:  Can also be used to integrate experiences other than plant medicine (see areas of focus above).

*Self Investment*

$77/session (time may vary)

NOTE: All services with the exceptions of ceremonies with the use of plant medicine may also be done online via Zoom or Skype!


I look forward to working with you!

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