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Reiki I Training

Lesson Four: Treatment Guidelines

Before you begin a treatment, it is necessary to create a safe, sacred space for you and the client. This helps to ensure that you are only channeling and dealing with the energy of Reiki. It also helps to protect your client’s energy as well as your own. It allows you to leave behind any outside distractions and tap into your heart space. This will help you invite the Reiki energy into the treatment as well. Remember, you are not using your energy to heal. You are using Reiki. Let Reiki do the work. This will also help you from feeling drained after a treatment session.

Your intuition will help you in determining what want to say and/or do to prepare for your treatment. Below is just a suggestion. This is what I do. You can do all of it, some of it, or none of it. YOU are your own guide.

Preparation for Treatment

  • Start by standing still with your feet firmly planted on the ground (like mountain pose in yoga).

  • Breathe deeply and imagine yourself rooting into the Earth like a tree with deep roots. Extend your branches up to the sky and connect with Reiki.

  • Imagine the white light of Reki entering the room and surrounding yourself as well as your client.

  • Ask the Reiki energy to work through you for the Highest Good of your client.

  • Recite a Reiki prayer (can be done silently or aloud).

Once you begin the treatment, be open to any insights you may receive. You may do the hand positions we will cover in the next session, or you may be guided to do something completely different. Your only job is to listen and trust your intuition. You cannot do Reiki wrong.

Reiki Prayer Example

Highest helping spirts, guides, and ancestors please grace us with your presence. We ask that you help facilitate this treatment for the HIghest Good of all involved. May I be a pure channel for the Reiki energy. Move through me and to my client. Protect this space with love and light. Aho. Amen. Ase. Namaste.

Closing the Session

Once you finish the treatment session, you will also need to close the space. I usually imagine more white light coming in and sealing any rips, tears, or holes that may have been created in my client’s energy field and ask the guides to close the space. Once again, your intuition will let you know how to do this. All you need to know is that you need to open and close the space. Not closing the space can create an energy leak and an open invitation for entities to attach to your client where any of those rips or tears are in their energy field. When we release things, we must fill them with light or darkness will re-enter that space.

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