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Reiki II Training

Lesson Two: Crystals & Reiki

Here is a very basic guide for Reiki Crystals to get you started:

1. Cleanse/Charge your crystals. A very basic way to do this is to simply put the crystals outside directly on the ground under the moonlight. The night of the full moon or the nights surrounding the full moon are best. Be sure to bring them back inside in the morning before they have gotten too much sun. The sunlight can zap the crystals and ruin the wonderful cleansing and charge they received the night before. A simple way to relate to this is if you have ever been in the sun for too long. After 20 minutes you feel great. After a few hours you feel drained! You can also use the power symbol!

2. If you feel that a certain chakra needs extra work or that you would just like to incorporate crystals with each chakra simply pick a crystal from the matching chakra listed below. There are so many wonderful crystals to choose from. This is a very basic guide just to get you started!

3. After the client lays down place whatever crystals you want to use on the corresponding chakra.

4. Perform a normal Reiki session.

5. After the session be sure to cleanse each Reiki crystal used before putting them away and/or using them on the next client. There are two very fast and easy ways  hat you can do this. One way is to make the master symbol (or whatever symbol you feel guided to use) over each crystal. Then make the same symbol on the palm of your hand and hold the crystal with your hand closed around it for 5 minutes. During this time imagine that Reiki is cleansing anything negative from the crystal that was picked up during the session. Another way is to simply take

a bowl of saltwater, add the crystals to it and then make the master symbol (or whatever symbol you are called to use) over it. Reiki the bowl of water for 5 minutes and then let the crystals sit in the bowl of water for about another 20 minutes.

Sometimes you may feel guided to have a client hold a crystal during a session. This also works great! My Reiki Master gave me a very special stone one time that was made up of Moonstone, Quartz, and Amethyst. Before I learned Reiki I suffered from a lot of fear and anxiety. My Reiki Master had me hold this stone in my hand whenever I started having anxiety and/or fear and it really helped! After I became a Reiki Master I felt guided to share this stone with certain clients. I would send it home with a client who I thought could really use some extra healing and asked them to bring it back in a month’s time. It has gone through a handful of clients this

way, each one affirming that holding the stone really helped them to process their feelings and to heal.

Basic list of what crystal to use with each chakra :

Root Chakra: Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, Red/Lodestone

Sacral Chakra: Smoky Quartz, Orange stones, Carnelian, Red Jasper

Solar Plexus: Moonstone, Yellow/Amber, Topaz, Argonite, Malachite

Heart Chakra: Rose Quartz, Green/Emerald, Tourmaline, Pink Calcite

Throat Chakra: Blue Lace Agate, Celestite, Aquamarine, Blue/Turquoise

Third Eye Chakra: Quartz, Indigo/Lapis, Lazuli, Sodalite

Crown Chakra: Violet/Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Clear Calcite, Diamond, Ametrine

Please know that crystals do not have to be and should not be expensive! I got my first set of basic crystals (one for each chakra) for $10 U.S. dollars. Of course larger stones and special stones that offer more than one crystal will be more expensive than a basic small crystal.

Purchasing a basic set of crystals is a great inexpensive way to offer an extra healing property to your Reiki crystals session.

Article by Justine Melton - 

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